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ant been on this ting in ova a yr and fuck me I'm disappointed clearly my mother taught me ryt men never grow up same slimy messages n comments rank n some next level of old pervy gits on here rank tbh I ant even on this just came on bored lol

Dexta Daps - Grow Rough (Fimi Gun Nah Go) Dancehall 2017

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1 day ago
hahahaha good replay to those annoying scammers (kavita agurma) :)
4 days ago

can you send me email on my email address so that i will tell you more about me, i have something special to share with u via email (kavitaagurma @ Kiss Kavita
8 days ago
Haha now that's funny
This country needs me more then it needs you

This country doesn't have time for buttaz gals like you lol
8 days ago
British gals are the most buttaz in the world!!
Dunno why us men chase them.... In other parts of the world, the gals are sexier and they chase us sexy mans

Brazilian/Chinese/Polish/ Philippine/ Spanish women kill them !!
8 days ago
come say it to my face !
8 days ago
Get your facts straight first, come correct or hush up fam !
8 days ago
Profilepic girls are SUPERcute lol x
9 days ago
If the girls on this site were the last group of girls left on earth, then I'm afraid I would not reproduce haha

16 days ago
OK I'll just say hi not really don't judge everyone as same babes you don't need to hola me bk you look like a good looking woman bye bless
1 month ago
you look nice

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