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Hello I am Karl,

I am on here hoping to meet a nice lady for friendship/relationship/travel companion.I am a bit socially awkward as in I am not too good at starting,continuing or and ending conversations at least at first but when I get used to people I relax more and get on okay!

I am a little unconventional in that I don't follow fashions and keep up with the latest technology.I don't drive or own a car either instead I either cycle everywhere or use public transport.

I currently work as a volunteer 3 days a week in a charity shop but am looking for full time work as well.I also study Grammar one day a week in college.

I love to travel to new places especially by bicycle but mainly in the summer months.I only speak English but do want to learn other languages especially Russian.

I like to keep fit by cycling and walking but aren't into gyms. I love watching Science fiction especially Star Trek and occasionally go to Conventions.I also enjoy going to folk festivals.

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