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Hi!, im a london boy at heart, was born and raised there but moved out to the coast 6 years ago, Love it out here its so peaceful and the scenery is stunning, but the only thing that lets it down is social life out here. Theres not much to do apart from go to yates on the weekend, and thats NOT what im about. Not to say I dont like partying I love going to house parties and raves etc just not louty yates or spoons haha

Im a professional photographer and Videographer, I graduated from University studying media and have been working in the industry ever since, I also managed to co found my own lifestyle and culture magazine called 'Trapped Magazine' So i stay very busy with work to maintain my life..

I guess because theres not much places to meet new poeple out here i've turned to propic to help me out haha, if you feel like we could chat and flourish together drop me a message :)

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