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Got two profiles so dont think its a fake as it isnt.
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Am honest & i tell you how it is. Am down for anything. Am an different sort of girl all together i can also be rude at times. Yes am single & ready to mingle.
from brixton
Got a big friendly dog,
Am a knitwear designer as my own business
Got insta
Got snapchat ask for it!
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P110 - Lil Trubz | @trubzilla #1TAKE

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9 days ago
This one goes out for you ladies.....lets balance this shizzle out lol

What Country has the best looking men ?

I'm sure its Italy or a Caribbean island or summink...lets see what you ladies say ???
9 days ago
9 days ago
Even after all the make up, hair extension, heels to look taller and slimmer, boob jobs, nails primed fake tan BRITISH gals are still buttaz haha ( MY OPINION )
9 days ago
British gals are the most buttaz in the world!!
Dunno why us men chase them.... In other parts of the world, the gals are sexier and they chase us sexy mans

Brazilian/Chinese/Polish/ Philippine/ Spanish women kill them !!
9 days ago
Profilepic girls are wifey material :)
1 month ago
Hay sexy. Honey are you ok beautiful i said i would wanted to talk more baby call me where are you. Let talk

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