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I'm not your dad I'll not be giving you money so don't flipping ask

About I have no money

I will be happy.
If I don't, then I deeply want to find somebody that I can live in
harmony with, share our lives,
support each other, lift each other up when we're down, spoil one
another, be on the same team, facing the world together as a united
front, enjoying all the crazy opportunities that come along, cheering
each other to the finish line, picking up the pieces together when
things don't go the way we hoped, loving and respecting each other
unconditionally. I really, really, really need someone who speaks
kindly to me, who listens, respects, and believes in me. I have been
nice to people my whole life and I really deserve to be treated the
same way. Nobody is perfect, there will be moments, but overall, I
want to cherish and be cherished.

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