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Music videos, Fitness, photoshoots, Promos, you name it, Read my Profile, am London Based, Inbox me and lets sort something out, bless,


Hi ya, how are you? thanks for checking out my profile, I'm jay, based in South London, work as a photographer, shoot stylist & Videographer in the Fields of Fitness, Music, Fashion & Entertainment.I also do Music & brands videos.I have a large following on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube so getting you promoted out there Is easy. I'm a Gay lad and my preference is Black or Mixed raced guys. I have to admit that I just love to suck Black or Mixed raced cock, nobody gives good head like me.. you only live once so try me out.. I'm Discreet. genuine and loyal, so yours and mine business stays our business, I don't break trust. So if you want any media productions, photoshoots, graphic designs, music videos, or promo then give me a shout. we can always sort something out that benefits each other etc. I've been 14 years in this Industry and I do the slickest creative professional Photography and Videography you can get, but give me a message on here, I don't bite, I'm too nice for that, Hope all Is well, Jay 👍😁

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